Flat day for Wickers

Bryce Rutherford battled through the conditions chasing a kick Saturday. 279901 Picture: ROB CAREW

By Tyler Lewis

For Berwick, it hasn’t been an as joyful start to the season.

Taking on fellow winless side Doncaster, the Wickers proved to be their own worst enemy.

Berwick were wasteful in front of goal, despite simply dominating possession in the first half, ultimately leaving the door ajar for the Sharks to stay in – and eventually win – the contest.

After hitting the scoreboard 11 times to Doncaster’s five at the main break, the Sharks kicked truly in the second half to secure the 7.6 (48) to 3.13 (31) win.

A devastated Clint Evans admitted the loss was as hard as he has ever had to process as a coach.

“Yeah shattering mate, I don’t think I have been as flat after a game as I was Saturday night,” he said.

“1.10 at half time and we had 80 per cent I reckon of play in our forward half, once again like round one we had opportunities to kill the game early and we couldn’t.

“Doncaster were similar to us – zip and three – you know you keep them in it and they’re going to get opportunities and they did in the end.

“They took theirs, we didn’t take ours.”

Despite being 0-4, the Wickers have had their chances and could very well be 2-2 if it wasn’t for some missed opportunities inside 50.

And though the good footy is a positive, Evans is aware his side needs to start making an impact where it counts.

“We are doing so much right, but at the end of the day you’ve got to put them through the big sticks,” he said.

“For a young side it’s frustrating, but we have to learn from it, the more we keep doing it, the more pressure is going to be put on us and it’ll keep happening.

“We have to turn it around as quick as possible because before we know it we will still be zip and whatever.

“It is a hard pill to swallow at the moment, because we are doing so much right.”

In other matches across Premier; Blackburn defeated Park Orchards, 9.9 (63) to 7.11 (53); Doncaster East belted South Croydon 19.10 (124) to 10.9 (64) and Vermont bounced back with a 7.18 (60) to 4.9 (33) win over North Ringwood.

LADDER: Rowville 16, Noble Park 12, Doncaster East 12, South Croydon 12, Vermont 12, Balwyn 8, Park Orchards 8, Blackburn 8, Norwood 4, Doncaster 4, Berwick 0, North Ringwood 0.

GOAL-KICKERS: C Haley 18 (Balwyn), J Wilsen (South Croydon) 14, A Ainger (Vermont) 13, M Davey (Rowville) 10, C Hickey (Park Orchards) 9.

FIXTURE: Noble Park v Doncaster East; Rowville v South Croydon; Blackburn v Berwick; Park Orchards v Vermont; Doncaster v North Ringwood; Norwood v Balwyn.