Still in the saddle

Lachie Ward, Leyton Abaduli, Renee Welch, Ally Carter and Emily Imlach cycle for the Leukaemia Foundation 155331 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS


SOME very dedicated students from Berwick College have participated in a fundraising activity to help fund research into finding a cure for cancer.
The students donated their time and effort to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation which raises awareness, research, treats and cares for sufferers of leukaemia and other blood related cancers.
Students from Team Frost have worked together during Frost Week to achieve a monumental task by chipping away at the end goal in 30 minute increments.
In an activity dubbed Team Frost – Cure de Berwick, students volunteered 30 minutes of their time to ride a stationary bike on a wind trainer and mapped the recorded total distance ridden with the aim of riding the equivalent of a journey around Australia.
Frost Assistant Student Learning Leader Deana Mihalos said the Leukaemia Foundation was a natural choice for the recipient of the group’s fundraising efforts.
Berwick Secondary College has close history with the Leukaemia Foundation because the organisation has supported three past students who were diagnosed with leukaemia.
“We have seen first-hand how this organisation has helped our students as they struggled to complete their education and it is a charity that we are proud to raise money for,” Ms Mihalos said.
In 2015, Team Frost had 146 students give up 30 minutes of their class time to ride the stationary bikes.
The Frost Learning Team raised $4400 and rode 1500km that year and the year before raised $2300 and rode 1200km.